Create your own OCSP server

  1. This requires the support of OpenSSL in your machine. So please install OpenSSL if it is not already installed.
  2. An OpenSSL CA requires few files and some supporting directories to work. Follow the below commands to create that folder structure(Create the directory structure according to your openssl.cnf).
  1. In order to host an OCSP server, an OCSP signing certificate has to be generated. Run following 2 commands.
  • openssl req -new -nodes -out ocspSigning.csr -keyout ocspSigning.key
  • openssl ca -keyfile rootCA.key -cert rootCA.crt -in ocspSigning.csr -out ocspSigning.crt -config validation.conf
  1. If you want to revoke the certificate run following command



Associate Technical Lead @ WSO2

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